New laws proposed to double the monitoring time of child sex offenders in Queensland

Under the new regime proposed this week in Parliament, the monitoring period for firsttime offenders will be 10 years, compared with five years previously.

In addition, the monitoring period for repeat offenders will also double to 20 years, while most severe child sex offenders will be monitored for life.

The proposed laws will also give Queensland Police continued power to track offenders, including the ability to access their location via GPS. This is a significant step forward in the fight against child sex offenders and one which the community will no doubt welcome. It is a clear indication of the Queensland Governments commitment to protecting its most vulnerablecitizens, and ensuring that those who commit such heinous crimes are held accountable.

The new laws are proposed to ensure that offenders are not able to slip through the cracks and that they comply with any courtimposed conditions. This will, in turn, help ensure that the community is kept safe from these perpetrators of these crimes.

It is believed the new laws should provide a stronger deterrent to wouldbe offenders, by demonstrating the Queensland Governments commitment to punishing those who commit serious offences against children.

The proposed laws have been welcomed by the Queensland Government and have been met with support from child protection advocates and law enforcement. They are a sign of the Governments commitment to tackling child sex offences and ensuring that the safety and welfare of children are prioritised.


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