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Fraser Lawyers pride themselves on delivering high-level service with a complete client-centred focus. Fraser Lawyers are one of the only firms on the Gold Coast who are professionally and intellectually equipped enough to provide well-rounded legal service for such a broad range of areas.

Don’t transitions between firms! We offer a team of result driven legal practitioners who will provide an initial phone consultation free of charge. Fraser Lawyers success is determined by their client’s success, so every possible step is taken to ensure each client receives professional advice, expert representation and most importantly client satisfaction.

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With Fraser Lawyers, feel confident that you are getting the best representation and legal advice if you find yourself in a confronting situation.

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Buying and selling property is time consuming and expensive. Fraser Lawyers can streamline the entire process for you while offering competitive prices on all your residential and commercial conveyancing needs both legally and financially. We provide comprehensive conveyancing work that ensures your property investments and financial stability are always protected.

Debt Recovery


Regardless of the size of your company or debt, Fraser Lawyers promises to take the most efficient and cost effective actions towards your debt recovery. We work as promptly as possible to ensure you will no longer be financially hindered by outstanding debt. We understand the urgency of your situation and will commence legal proceedings as soon as possible. If you’re in a financially impeding situation due to outstanding debt, Fraser Lawyers will offer competitive priced services to local clients and the wider community.

Gold Coast Lawyer

Criminal Law


Courtroom excellence and trial experience across all jurisdictions in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, is what allows Fraser Lawyers to excel in the practice of criminal law. The best representation is vital if your reputation or liberty is potentially at risk. Fraser Lawyers have all the relevant and inside knowledge, confidence and professionalism to help you avoid anything from the inconvenience of a loss of license to imprisonment. If you’re in need of insight or representation for a traffic offence, white-collar crime or an offence of a higher legal calibre, Fraser Lawyers is ready and willing to go above and beyond for you.

Gold Coast Lawyer

Family Law


If you have found yourself in an unexpected situation, Fraser Lawyers offer a high standard of client care in relation to sensitive issues like divorce and separation, child custody and child support, dividing assets and property, and much more. No matter your circumstance, here at Fraser Lawyers we are devoted to providing all the necessary information and legal advice that will allow you to move forward. We understand the best possible outcome always needs to be achieved when your finances, livelihood, and family are involved. Our sincere legal practitioners have the resources and experience to help you succeed.

Gold Coast Lawyer

Drink Driving


If you have been charged with drink driving, Fraser Lawyers can deconstruct this complex area and shed light on your situation in an easy to digest way. Our aim is to allow you to continue on with your life without the added stress of an impending conviction. Drink Driving charges can have huge implications on your life, including financial penalties, loss of license or even imprisonment. These repercussions can make strong inroads into your professional and family life, so it’s important to seek reliable advice from Fraser Lawyers if you find yourself involved with any sort of traffic related offence. We want you to receive the best outcome as possible with the most minimal ramifications.

Gold Coast Lawyer

Wills and Estates


The creation and execution of your Will and the management of your estate, cannot be underestimated. Fraser Lawyers can professionally assist you with drawing up, defending, establishing a power of attorney or even contesting a Will. If you need peace of mind, that if you were to pass on, your family will be adequately provided for and the likelihood of estate disputes would be minimal, Fraser Lawyers are here to help. We are committed to working closely with you by juxtaposing all you issues and concerns practically, and providing candid and beneficial advice.

Gold Coast Lawyer

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