Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial Conveyancing covers the sale and the purchase of the following:

  • Commercial property;
  • Factories;
  • Industrial property;
  • Off the plan land to be used for a commercial purpose;
  • Office space; and
  • Retail space.

When buying or selling a commercial property on the Gold Coast or in Queensland, there are a number of important consideration such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), due diligence, the calculation of Stamp Duty and many more.

Unlike many other States in Australia, in Queensland, all property contracts are conduced on the basis that time is of the essence. This means that there can be catastrophic consequences if either a buyer or a seller fails to comply with their contractual obligations on the date they are due. It is common for commercial conveyancing transactions to have many critical dates.

A party failing to meet its contractual obligations by the due date could mean:

  • Termination of the Contract;
  • Loss of deposit monies paid; and
  • Being sued for breach of contract and damages.

It is therefore imperative that both parties to the transaction (buyer and seller) are represented by a firm that has extensive knowledge in the commercial conveyancing minefield. With over 10 years of specialised experience servicing conveyancing clients all over the Gold Coast and Queensland, our firm has all the skills you will need to ensure you are properly guided through the conveyancing process — from the signing of the contract right through to settlement.

To our valued clients we also offer:

  • Pre-Contractual advice;
  • Support in negotiating contractual terms; and
  • Drawing up a contract to suit your particular needs.

Due Diligence Enquiries

Many contracts are drafted specifically to a particular industry.

When buying a commercial property, it’s important that appropriate enquiries are made to ensure that you are acquiring a property suitable for your commercial needs.

We are able to assist our clients through the due diligence process should they require assistance in conducting enquiries and obtaining information about the commercial property.

In the early stages of any due diligence term, we can assist you in undertaking searches to ensure you are acquiring the property with no inherent problems and fit for the purpose you intend.

Part of the due diligence process also often includes the review of leases that may be registered over the commercial property. Our review of leases will assist you in determining if you are making a sound commercial investment.

Contact us now if you would like more advice on the inclusion of a due diligence clause in any commercial property that you are looking to buy on the Gold Coast or in Queensland and one of our Commercial Property Lawyers would be happy to assist.