Fraser Lawyers is a trusted, client-focused, and results-driven Gold Coast law firm with a team of leading Queensland lawyers specialising in property law, commercial law, conveyancing, personal injury law, and criminal law. Here at Fraser Lawyers—we are devoted to providing clients from diverse backgrounds (i.e. first-home buyers to multinational corporate clients) with leading legal services and top-tier advice to ensure each of our clients the best chance of success. We are people who care about people—our team has a strong camaraderie and 30+ years of combined legal experience. We are a dedicated team of lawyers who pride ourselves on our refusal to give up—whether this is against individuals, large insurance companies, or mega-corporations.


Here at Fraser Lawyers, our mission is to keep our team consistently satisfied with work that is both challenging and meaningful. We encourage innovation and consider our employees our greatest asset. We are passionate about providing trainee lawyers, newly employed law clerks, and graduates with training that will set them up for long-term success without the stress and expectation to meet billable quotas. We understand how vital it is for our graduates to learn and evolve during their first two years of employment—this is why our approachable staff will work with our trainee lawyers to ensure they develop the fundamental skills to enable them to become proficient legal practitioners in the near future. We offer graduates a balanced, flexible, and secure training path that encompasses extensive guidance which promotes confidence in our trainee lawyers to identify a practice area they wish to specialise in for their future legal career path.


Here at Fraser Lawyers, our impressive employed graduates are surrounded by approachable and highly specialised senior lawyers who can provide our graduates with invaluable knowledge and supervision. We also promote peer-to-peer mentoring amongst our graduates to promote growth and allow our graduates to confidently transition into a corporate environment with ease.


Fraser Lawyers career entry programs are designed in a way that allows individuals the opportunity to enter the legal sector and pursue their desired careers. Our carefully curated career entry programs factor in the important individual aspects throughout each stage of your legal career. Details regarding our programs are as follows:

● Work experience clerkship: this program is available to law students in their penultimate study year. Gain industry insight and real-world knowledge with our two-month clerkship—held on a rotational basis within our various practice groups.
● Practical Legal Training (PLT) placement: otherwise known as supervised employment for students—at Fraser Lawyers Gold Coast location. We value transitioning high-performing (PLT) students into further employment at Fraser Lawyers.

● Graduate employment: this is open to candidates who have graduated with a Bachelor of Laws or equivalent. Successful graduates who secure graduate employment at Fraser Lawyers will be employed in the role of a graduate lawyer or trainee solicitor while undertaking their (PLT) requirements. The next step in this phase is to then proceed to be admitted as a solicitor.

Each career entry program exposes individuals to a law practice environment and provides a great opportunity for learning and growth during a crucial phase of an individuals career. This also presents the opportunity to be considered for full-time employment as a practicing solicitor at Fraser Lawyers.


Applications for any of our career entry programs should be made directly to the managing partner of Fraser Lawyers, Blake Fraser. The application should include a CV and your transcript, together with a cover letter as to why you think you would be a good candidate for Fraser Lawyers. All applications should be sent by email to [email protected]—we loo forward to hearing from you.

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