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Important information to remember when dealing with Police

-Do I have to answer questions from the Police?

You have the right to remain silent. If you do not wish to answer questions from the Police you should contact Fraser Lawyers immediately.

– Will I have to accompany the Police to the Police Station for Questioning?

The Police will only be able to take you to the Police Station for questioning if you are under arrest. If you are arrested and taken to the Police Station you will still have your right to silence.

– Can I Be Told to Move by the Police?

Police have the power to direct you to move along if you are intimidating, obstructing or harassing another person or traffic. If you are asked to move on by the Police, it’s best to comply to avoid further problems.

– Are Police Officers Allowed to Search me?

Although you may have heard the term before, Police Officers are not able to detain you for a ‘Random Search’. In order to be searched by a Police Officer you must either be under arrest or the Police Officer must have reasonable grounds to justify a search of your person. An example of reasonable grounds would be if you were suspected of carrying drugs or weapons.

– Can I be Detained by the Police for being too Drunk?

Police Officers are entitled to detain any person that is seriously affected by alcohol in a public place and appears to be behaving in a disorderly manner or is at risk of being injured or injuring others. If you are detained by Police for being Drunk you can be released immediately into the care of a responsible person or the Police may elect to take you to a place of detainment to give you a chance to sober up. Once you are deemed sober you must be released from Police care.

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