Residential Conveyancing

What is residential conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of residential property from one person
or entity to another. This process needs to take place each time someone buys or sells a
residential or investment property.

Are residential conveyancing services only for serious investors?

Regardless of whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor—our industry leading conveyancing services can cater to your needs. We will make you aware of important dates and vital information that can impact your transaction process to ensure you are knowledgeable and well versed on your matter. Our experienced conveyancing team will take the stress out of your property purchase and ensure your rights are protected. We want you to feel content with your result so we will always act in a way that will benefit you. We have an incomparable client satisfaction history due to our dedicated and specialised conveyancing team.

What can I expect throughout the residential conveyancing process?

Initially, you will receive an easy to understand, plain English letter which will educate you on the laws that affect your specific transaction. We will then guide you through each step of the
process and ensure you are aware of all important stages and the essentials related to your matter. We will work efficiently and closely with you—to ensure your conveyancing experience is simple and effective.

Contact Us today—to speak to one of our residential conveyancing specialists.

Do you offer electronic conveyancing services?

Fraser Lawyers is a member of PEXA—so we participate in electronic conveyancing which is highly beneficial for our clients compared to traditional conveyancing. PEXA provides our clients with—faster access to cleared funds, a safer nationally recognised system and an overall more efficient platform allowing real-time lodgement and settlement. For additional information regarding electronic conveyancing visit PEXA.

Do you only service Queensland clients for residential conveyancing?

We are equipped to provide our expert conveyancing services to both Queensland and New
South Wales clients alike.

Buying residential property

Will your legal advice be specific to my property transaction needs?

Yes. We are completely client focussed and tailor your advice based on your expectations,
instruction and desired outcome.

Real estate transactions are often associated with disputes—and confusion regarding contracts.
To avoid any additional stress and to ensure your purchase is as seamless as possible—we
provide expert and trusted advice centred to your specific needs.

What’s the first step your firm can help me with when I’m buying residential property?

The first step—entails us providing you with a straightforward letter that is free from legal jargon. This letter will detail the laws that can affect your transaction—it will also make you aware of all the essential aspects that are applicable to your circumstances throughout the duration of your matter.

We pride ourselves on effectively guiding each client through their real estate transaction process in an easy to understand and highly efficient manner.

Can you protect me from making costly mistakes?

Yes. We can protect our clients from purchasing a property with significant problems—by ensuring that during the preparation of your contract—it is subject to you receiving a reasonably satisfactory building report by a certified builder. Also covered in this contract is a pests clause which as we know—pests can be detrimental to a property. We can ensure you have the right to receive a pest inspection outcome (completed by a qualified professional) prior to signing your legally binding contract.

Are you able to offer services that help me to simplify settlement day?

We consider the importance and intricacies of your settlement day (where you pay for your real estate less your deposit) from the moment you commence working with our real estate
conveyancing professionals. Settlement day is notorious for being high pressure—however, we will foresee any potential issues which may arise and—in turn prevent these from occurring.

I’m looking to buy ‘off-the-plan’, can you help with this type of property transaction?

Our team has significant experience in assisting buyers with ‘off-the-plan’ transactions. Such transactions usually are associated with contracts in favour of the seller. If you are planning on buying real estate ‘off-the-plan’ we highly recommend getting in contact with one of our conveyancing specialists to ensure your rights are protected prior to signing a legally binding contract.

Selling your residential property

I’m selling a residential property—can you help safeguard me?

Yes. Ultimately, we can ensure your rights are adhered to and you receive your desired outcome in a timely manner. We take the precautions from our first introduction with you—to ensure we roadblock any potential issues that may impede on or adversely impact your sale. We seek to understand what our clients’ desired outcomes are and ensure we prioritise what’s important to you each step of the way. It’s beneficial to you if these vital discussions with our firm take place prior to you signing a legally binding contract. Feel free to enquire with Fraser Lawyers today for expert advice.

Will you liaise with other key stakeholders involved in my property transaction?

Yes. We can have appropriate discussions with key stakeholders involved in your property
transaction. We speak with your agent to ensure your terms of sale are advantageous to you and all key milestones are achieved. We will liaise with your outgoing bank to ensure everything is in order prior to settlement—so it’s a timely and stress-free experience for you from the beginning to the end.