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As the buyer or seller of a property Fraser Lawyers’ clients can be sure that they will be in safe hands due to our widespread knowledge in property law matters and years of experience in the conveyancing industry.

We are committed to taking the stress and hassle out of buying or selling a property. As your conveyancers we will advise you on your rights and responsibilities under your contract and manage the complex process of transferring ownership from the buyer to the seller and ensure that your rights under the contract are fully protected.

We provide conveyancing services at an all inclusive fixed fee so that there will be no unexpected charges in your purchase or sale.

Unlike a lot of conveyancing firms we offer a guarantee that you will not be charged for our professional fees if your transaction does not proceed. We also will not charge our clients additional fees if delays or issues are encountered during the conveyancing process.

Due to the competitive nature of the conveyancing industry in a bid to cut costs and maximise profits we have seen conveyancing firms move away from personalised client service.

Personal service is something that we at Fraser Lawyers proud ourselves on and have been seen to go over and above to ensure our clients have an enjoyable experience using our services.

Conveyancing is a complex process and can be quite daunting to anyone buying or selling. The team at Fraser Lawyers are committed to ensuring that our clients feel comfortable during the conveyancing process and understand any confusing terminology.

Buying a property

  • Reviewing the contract for the property purchase;
  • Monitoring crucial dates associated with the purchase of a property. These include:
    • Cooling off date;
    • finance approval;
    • building and pest inspections.
  • Ordering and analysis of essential searches;
  • Liaising with all stakeholders including your financier, real estate agent, Solicitor for the seller;
  • Calculating government duties and charges and obtaining any concession to which you may be entitled;
  • Advising you on mortgage documents;
  • Lodgement of stamp duty;
  • Calculation of settlement figures using the abovementioned essential searches to ensure that an accurate amount is paid on settlement; and
  • Advising you on the outcome of settlement.

Selling a property

  • If you have just signed a contract for the sale of your property you are going to need the help of experienced conveyancers.
  • Selling your property can be a stressful experience and we are here to help.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that the purchaser is fulfilling their obligations under the contract with respect to terms, conditions and deadlines;
  • Ensuring that settlement calculations are adjusted accordingly to reflect rates and water etc;
  • Organising legal discharge of any mortgages owing on your property to ensure that the purchaser receives a clear title;
  • Liaising with all stakeholders including your discharging financier, real estate agent, Solicitor for the purchaser;
  • Notifying relevant parties of the sale of your property;
  • Advising you on the outcome of settlement.

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